How to make a box knot

The box knot is a very useful knot to know.

The knot is the most popular one for making lanyards. It has the look of the back side of a cross knot, although making the box knot requires a different technique to make. Because of the way the knot is made, you can use it to make several on top of each other, resulting in a design that can be put to many uses.

This knot technique is very common in other jewelry making crafts.

It is quite frustrating to find an appropriate name that does not overlap with other knots. The box or square knot are common names for the knot, but I have found the crown sinnet to be a suitable name as well, mostly because of the end result. The crown sinnet is usually made using a similar technique to the one I will demonstrate below.


  • Difficulty: easy
  • Use: lanyards, keychains
  • Other names: square knot

How to make a box knot

Making the box knot requires little time. It can be done in one or two colors, if you join different colors of cord together, you can even make a four color version.


The video tutorial:

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