Shark jaw bone bracelet

The shark jaw bone bracelet looks exotic. It is one of those bracelets many are intimidated to make. Do not despair before you try it!

When I started my paracord crafts, I was intimidated by this bracelet. It looked amazing and I always put off making it because I felt I was not at the level to attempt such a cool design.

The online tutorials did not help much. Most are too complicated or focus on showing you how to make it, but not explaining it. That is why I made a simple tutorial you can follow to make this wonderful bracelet. It is a classic and a must know for any self respecting paracordist!


  • Difficulty: medium
  • Cord storage: medium
  • Child friendly: yes
  • Other names for the bracelet: piranha knot bracelet


The bracelet can be worn on both sides.

Supplies needed

  • paracord, two colors are recommended
  • heat source to melt the cord (a lighter works just fine)
  • something to cut the cord
  • a paracord bracelet jig is always nice to have


How to make the shark jaw bone bracelet

The bracelet is made by attaching two cords onto a hook. The middle cords provide the core and should be as long as your wrist circumference, plus about a foot for the lanyard knot ending.

We will be using one lead color (does not matter which, the bracelet can be used on both sides). The lead color will always go first through the middle, followed by the second cord, which goes through the middle and through the loop created by the first cord. I usually finish this bracelet by making one, final cobra/square knot.



A video tutorial using a buckle can be found here:

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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