box pattern knot

Box pattern knot

This time we take a look at the “box pattern”.

There are many fancy turk’s head knots out there. This one is quite the eye candy, so I thought i’d cover it!


The so called “box pattern” is an interweave of the 7L6B turk’s head. The version I demonstrate here is done using 3 cords, but you can add even more cords and therefore passes.

I have seen many leather braiders use this knot. The knot is demonstrated in Round knots, a book by Ron Edwards.

With this said, I have prepared a video tutorial on this knot. It requires quite a bit of patience to tie at first. Once you have tied it a couple of times though, it becomes much easier.


So, what will you need to tie it?


For a 3 pass version you will need the following:

  • 3 pieces of paracord. 1 darker one and 2 lighter ones. Each of these cords is 5.4 feet long
  • a mandrel. This time I am using a fairly wide mandrel- a 2 inch wide PVC pipe
  • a lacing needle.

With these ready, let’s see how the knot is tied!

Tying the box pattern


The box pattern knot is tied similarly to a herringbone knot on the edges, while the center has an unique, box like pattern. This means that the cords we use as an interweave follow the same rules of a herringbone knot on the edges.

As mentioned, this knot is tied by first tying a 7L6B turk’s head knot with the darker colored strand. Then the lighter strands are used to interweave the pattern.

This is best seen in practice so I have prepared a video tutorial. Be patient tying this knotand happy tying!

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