hangman's noose paracord bracelet

Hangman’s noose bracelet

This time we take a look at a simple paracord bracelet design.

The hangman’s noose paracord bracelet is an adjustable bracelet that is quite easy to make. Still, you need to come up with it and I had the chance to see one that was made by Arty Transit, a fellow paracord enthusiast that posts some really cool and inspiring projects.

I instantly liked the bracelet for two reasons:

  • it is simple and elegant
  • it solves another problem- it doubles as a hair strap!

Not only it is a neat bracelet, it can be used to hold your hair in a pinch. While that may not seem to be a big issue for many, it is frickin annoying to have your hair obstruct your vision half of the time! Hair straps exist for a reason and this bracelet can do the job if needed.

Girlfriend in her natural habitat. Note the hair strap/bracelet.

Fiancée in her natural habitat. Note the hair strap/bracelet.

Supplies needed

You really do not need much to make this bracelet:

A quick tutorial

If you play around with this design you can figure it out yourself. Still, a tutorial to make things faster:

hangmans-noose-bracelet-step (1 of 7)

Attach a lacing needle to one end of the cord (optional)

hangmans-noose-bracelet-step (2 of 7)

Make a loop

hangmans-noose-bracelet-step (3 of 7)

Wrap the end with the lacing needle around itself and the other end

hangmans-noose-bracelet-step (4 of 7)

Make a few wraps, as many as you would like

hangmans-noose-bracelet-step (5 of 7)

Take a lacing needle and go under all the cords

hangmans-noose-bracelet-step (6 of 7)

Pull the cord through

hangmans-noose-bracelet-step (7 of 7)

Finish your end using a decorative knot. I used a simple overhand knot here. Finally cut and melt the ends.

 A video on tying the bracelet is also available:

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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