3l4b turk's head

3L4B turk’s head- the Woggle knot

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to tie the 3L4B turk’s head.

This knot, along with the 3L5B turk’s head is often used as a neckerchief slide. As such it is also called the “scout woggle”.


Names aside though, this is an important knot. It is wider than it is long, meaning it has more bights than leads. It can be made into a wider knot as well.

To tie this knot, take some cord or rope as well as a mandrel (broomstick handle or PVC pipe). With these two items ready, let’s tie a “Woggle”.


The tutorial

I have prepared a video tutorial on this knot. It is a fast and easy knot to tie! Be sure to double or triple it for the best look.

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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