stitched caged solomon paracord bracelet version 2

Stitched caged solomon paracord bracelet- version 2

In this tutorial I show off another stitching technique for the Caged solomon bar.

I have covered one style of stitching the Caged solomon paracord bracelet in the previous tutorial. This one is a bit more colorful and not much harder to do.

It works especially well when using contrasting colors, as seen in the image below.


Because the bracelet is quite colorful it can be of great use in representing various team colors and flags.
A closer look at the patterns:


So, with all of this said, let’s stitch!

Stitching tutorial

As mentioned, we will be stitching onto a 2 color Caged solomon bar. So first tie the base bracelet.

For the stitching you will need 2 colors of microcord (I used 2 feet of each color for a 6 inch weave). Lastly, you will need a lacing needle.


The 2 color Caged solomon bar. Note that the arrows of the bracelet are facing down.


Take one color and tuck it under a few sections on the underside of the bracelet.


Then come to the top side and go above the colored part.


Then through the knot on the other side and down to the bottom side.


First stitch complete.


On the underside follow the next colored cord to the top side.


Then on top go through the knot on the opposite side.


Second stitch done. Let’s do it one more time for good measure!


On the underside follow the next colored cord to the top side.


Then on top go through the knot on the other side.


Third stitch complete.


Stitch the same way to the other side of the bracelet.


On the underside tuck your microcord to secure the cord.

We then move on to the second cord.


Tuck the second cord on the underside of the bracelet.


Come to the top and travel to the other side. Go through the knot.


On the underside go on top of the next colored cord.


Come to the top and through the knot on the other side.


Second stitch done. Continue stitching all the way to the other side of the bracelet.


Finally tuck the other end on the underside of the bracelet, then cut and melt the ends.

With that, the bracelet is ready for action!

I hope this tutorial proved useful. Be sure to check out the video for a live demonstration of the tying and stitching process.

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