stitched caged solomon bracelet

Stitched caged solomon paracord bracelet

In this tutorial we do a simple stitch onto a Caged solomon bracelet.

I have already covered the Caged solomon paracord bracelet. It is a nice looking bracelet in itself, but it also offers quite a few stitching possibilities.


One of these is a simple stitch featured in this tutorial.

This stitch is easy to do, uses little cord and in my opinion does provide quite an upgrade to the standard bracelet.

A few examples of color combinations can be seen below:


So, let’s take a quick look at how to do this one!

The tutorial

As stated before, this is a straightforward stitch. Many will be able to discern how it is made by simply looking at the pattern it creates. But still, having a quick tutorial never hurts :).

The first thing you will need to do is tie the base bracelet, the Caged solomon paracord bracelet.

For this stitch I used about 2.5 feet of microcord, which was enough to stitch a 6 inch weave. I also used a small lacing needle.

With these items ready, let’s stitch:


Prepare the base bracelet, with the arrow pattern facing up.


Tuck your micro cord on the underside of the bracelet.


Come to the top side. Travel to the other side of the bracelet.


With your cord go through the knot on the right, as well as over your stitching cord.


Travel to the other side of the bracelet.


Again go through the knot on the other side and over your stitching cord.


And again travel to the other side.


Through the knot and over your stitching cord.


Travel to the other side.


Through the knot and over your stitching cord.


To the other side. Continue all the way to the other side of the bracelet.


Reach the other side of the bracelet.


Tuck the end of the microcord on the underside of the bracelet, then cut and melt the ends.

The finished stitch.

The finished stitch.

Enjoy your new, spiced up Caged solomon bracelet!

See the video tutorial as well for a quick, live demonstration:

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