spool knitting instructions

Spool knitting instructions

Time to take a look at how to spool knit!

One of the most popular new techniques to the paracord crafts is spool knitting. It is a fairly simple technique that produces consistent and eye pleasing results. As such, I would definitely recommend this technique, even to beginners. It is a technique that was ported to paracord crafts from a crochet technique called loom knitting.

The technique is easy to learn and can be used to make lanyards, bracelets, leashes, you name it! Below you will find an easy tutorial on how to get started with your loom knitting. I will show oyu the basic, two peg (pin) spool knitting. The technique can be done with many more pegs, but this basic process is fundamental in learning how to do it properly.

What you will need

To spool knit paracord you will need these supplies:

paracord 550

a spool tool (I demonstrated how to make a spool tool in this tutorial)

a loom hooka clay stylus, or any other type of hook or tool you can use to manipulate the cords with

Spool knitting instructions

I divided the process into two parts. The first one is setting up the spool tool and cord, while the second one focuses on using your loom hook (or any other tool) to knit.

spool knitting

Now for the technique itself:

spool knitting instructions

For those that prefer video, one is available below:


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