XOXO paracord bracelet

Let’s tie the XOXO paracord bracelet!

This bracelet is dear to me due to the exotic look as well as the message it brings. The XOXO part means hugs and kisses, which could be a nice present to a friend or loved one.

In essence, the XOXO bar bracelet is a variation of the cobra knot paracord bracelet.

I highly recommend tying it in two colors to bring out the “X” shape in the middle.

Now, let’s get to it!



To make this bracelet you will need:



The XOXO paracord bracelet tutorial

The image tutorial, as well as video tutorial below should be enough for you to make this beautiful bracelet. In essence, it is made by tying a regular cobra knot bracelet, but also introducing a second color for the “X” shapes. ¬†After tying the bracelet I recommend re-tightening it to get the best result. You can cut the ends and melt like you would in the regular cobra.

xoxo paracord bracelet tutorial

The video tutorial:

About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


  1. It took me a few tries but I made it! Just in time for Valentine’s Day too! My boyfriend is going to love his red “O” and green “X” XOXO paracord bracelet! Thank you for this great tutorial

  2. Hi, Mark:

    From the get-go, I learned to tie my cobra knots to the front of the bracelet. However, I’ve just noticed that you tie yours to the back. We seem to end up with the same bracelet…….so, is this just a matter of personal preference, or am I doing something “wrong?”


    • Hey!

      As long as you end up with the same look, it is all good :).
      Indeed many if not most tie the cobra knots on the front of the bracelet.
      I learned the cobra knot from macrame though where it was used in the back.


  3. Hi, Mark:

    This is my first try at your XOXO bracelet. I used 550 and gutted the X’s cord.

    What I learned (aside from the pattern itself):
    1. Watch the entire tutorial before starting. I would have saved a LOT of time, had I done that. (Yes! The X cord’s color is supposed to show up on the back!!!)
    2. The direction of the X is important, relative to which side the knot is on. If it doesn’t look right, switch the direction of the X cord.
    3. I’ve not used a jig, but I think this pattern is much easier without using one. It is easier to control the direction of the X cord AND you can tighten it as you go.

    What I didn’t learn:
    1. Watch the entire tutorial before starting. This will be part of ALL future projects!
    2. The approximate amount of cord needed to make the X’s. My guess resulted in almost three feet too much.

    I would like to send a picture. However, I can’t get it to “paste.”

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