colima lazy man button knot

Colima lazy man button knot

This time we take a look at the Colima lazy man button knot.

The Colima lazy man button knot has been featured in Bruce Grant’s Encyclopedia of rawhide and leather braiding (plate 180). The knot originates from Colima, a state in Mexico. The “lazy man” part of the name is also quite interesting. The naming usually refers to using a trick to tie a fast and practical knot.

The Colima lazy man button knot looks like a doubled turk’s head knot, but if you look at the sides where the bights are, you can easily notice that the outer bights are not doubled. This means that the knot is basically a doubled turk’s head, but with the bights showing. As such it is an interesting variant and alternative to the doubled turk’s head. Compare the two below.

Doubled 5L4B turk's head.

The regular, doubled 5L4B turk’s head.


Colima lazy man button.

In any case, it is a knot that old time braiders used and trying out an exotic knot like this is always fun! So I made a quick tutorial on how to tie it. Naturally, it is a practical knot that you can use to decorate many items, especially handles and for making small wraps.

The demonstration of the knot found below is tied on the 5L4B turk’s head.

Enjoy tying the knot!

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