paracord bracelet with a lace

Simple laced paracord bracelet

In this quick tutorial I show you how I made this paracord bracelet.

I love lacing. It is a way to decorate even the more common looking bracelets. Applying a nice lacing pattern will give it a lot more oomph. In fact, even some intricate weaves can hardly compete with a nice, laced bracelet.

Naturally there are a lot of stitching and lacing styles that you can employ. The one I used here is the result of me just playing around with a lace to see what I could make. Maybe there is a name for it, but I doubt it.

In any case, the following tutorial shows you the few steps you need to follow to make this bracelet.




I used the following:

Making the bracelet

The bracelet that is the basis for this lacing is the simple cobra knot paracord bracelet made in a single color. After the bracelet is made, I attached the needle to the lacing cord and started lacing. I started on the inner side of the bracelet, where I attached the lace, then worked out to the outer side and started lacing. Basically I followed the pattern of the cobra knot. To finish I again worked my way to the inner side of the bracelet where I tucked in the lace again, then cut the lacing cord. I found that tightening the lace properly is the key to most lacing projects.

Now for a few images.

laced paracord bracelet tutorial

About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


  1. I see what you are doing here with the red tracer. Just one question. Couldn’t you add in the red as you make the original cobra knot and save time instead of going back and lacing it in? Just a thought. I’ll give it a try and see what happens. Might be tricky getting the red started but if I can figure it out, it might save some time is all. Thanks for the great ideas!!!

  2. Hey, Mark –

    The lacing reminds me of either a “winner’s circle” or “horseshoe” to me. And I agree with your response to Ray. I prefer adding the lacing after the bracelet has been made. It’s like putting the icing on the cake!

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