12 strand gaucho braid

12 strand gaucho braid

In this tutorial we take a look at the 12 strand gaucho braid.

I have used the braid in the paracord jump rope project and it turned out well. I got a few messages on how to braid it, so I put together a video (found below) of the braid being made. I also wanted to include a run list here that you can use to start this braid quickly. The braid has a 3 pass gaucho look.

The braid is, as mentioned a 12 strand braid that is done in 6 distinct steps. This makes it more challenging than most braids, so be sure not to give up on it on your first try.


The runlist

We start with 6 strands on the left and 6 on the right. The top on the left or right is always used to execute one of the sequences below. We take the strand, wrap around the back of the braid and then do one of the steps. The O stands for over and U for under and the number next to it stands for the number of cords you go over or under. So U3 means under three cords.

We start with the top left cord.

Left Right
O3-U3 U2-O3-U1
O1-U3-O2 O3-U3
U2-O3-U1 O1-U3-O2

As you can notice, the middle sequence is always under or over three cords.

In any case, this braid gets easier once you have done it a bit. I highly recommend writing the sequence down on a piece of paper and practicing. You will see the pattern in no time.

For a quick demonstration of how to braid this also see the video:


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