wall knot

How to tie a wall knot

Let’s take a look at how to tie this useful knot!

One of the knots many crafters overlook is the wall knot. It is an easy knot that looks complicated to make. As such many avoid it, but if you are not using it, you are missing out!

The knot has many benefits:

  • beautiful decorative knot
  • can be used on any amount of cords/strands!
  • leads to one of the best looking knots, the Matthew walker knot

I find that the best use for the wall knot is in any situation involving more than two cords. It shines because it is a go-to knot. When you can not  think of what to use, use the wall knot!

The wall knot can be found in the ABOK as the knot 671.

How it is tied

The knot is tied in a surprisingly easy fashion to tie, but hard to put into words. That is why I have provided an image tutorial below!

Basically though, you take one cord and make a loop that envelops the previous cord.

how to tie a wall knot

To demonstrate what can be done I included an image of a six strand fob made using a series of wall knots:




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