ring hitch knot

A better ring hitch knot

Let’s see how to make a decent ring hitch knot!

I have had trouble with my larks head knots coming undone a few times. It is frustrating and I want my ring hitch knot to stay put in one piece. As the larks head was not working, I remembered a video from David Hopper, who demonstrated how to make what he calls a reinforced hitch. This knot is a welcome addition to my own arsenal of knots and you can be sure I will be using it in my future projects.

The knot can also be found under the ring hitch section of the ABOK under the number 1863. There are other ring hitch knots worth looking at in that section as well, but this one is the simplest to tie.

This knot will come in handy for attaching your paracord to rings, such as steel rings and split rings used to make keychains.

reinforced ring hitch knot

A better version of a ring hitch knot, which holds the ring a lot more firmly.

How to make an advanced ring hitch knot

Although I find the second type of ring hitch knot, presented in this article to be superior, I do not find it hard to do at all. This is how it is made:

how to tie a ring hitch knot

Not hard at all, huh?

If you would prefer video, David Hopper made one that is easy to follow:

I hope this helps, see you next time!

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