round braid paracord bracelet

Round braid paracord bracelet

This time I show you an exciting bracelet made using a round, 4 strand braid.

I have already covered some paracord braiding basics and the classic braided paracord bracelet. This tutorial on the other hand, covers an exciting and in my opinion one of the best looking 4 strand braids that can be found.

The braid is made out of four different color ends which are braided around a core of two pieces of cord. The braid is surprisingly easy to do, so this bracelet is yours for the making!
If you want a less bulkier version, you can gut the cords and get a thinner version.

paracord braided bracelet

Bracelet characteristics:

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Cord storage: medium
  • Child friendly: no

The supplies

  • paracord 550 in four different colors, plus a smaller cord for the core
  • a lighter
  • scissors
4 strand braided paracord bracelet

The bracelet in action!

The tutorial

Start by joining the four colors of cord into two cords, so two colors per cord. The best way to join paracord is using the Manny method.

Take one cord and make a twist (pictured below). Using a smaller cord that will be used for the core of the bracelet make a lark’s head knot onto the twist. This will form the loop of the bracelet.

Slide the second two color cord through the larks head knot.

At this point you have two colors per side.

We will start braiding by taking the left top cord. We pass it behind the bracelet and through the two right cords, then back to the left over the front.

Take the top right cord now and pass it behind the bracelet and through the two left cords, over the front to the right.

As you can see, the braiding consists of alternating the left and right top cords, which we pass behind, through the two opposite cords and back to the other side over the front.

If you braid this tightly you will not need any tightening, otherwise you will need to remove some slack when you are making the bracelet.

I finished this bracelet using two simple half knots to tie the ends, then melted them. After some thought I think that using a wall knot and then cutting the cords and melting them would produce a nicer look. Something to try for sure.

The last knot that is made, is a stopper knot- the lanyard knot which is used to close the bracelet by pushing it through the loop made at the start.

Now for the image tutorial:

round braid paracord bracelet tutorial


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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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  1. Another good looking bracelet to make! Thanks!

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