prolong mat

Prolong mat

In this tutorial we tie the prolong mat.

The prolong mat is featured in the ABOK under the number 2242. If you checked out the Ocean plait mat tutorial, then the Prolong mat will seem very familiar. The two mats are indeed very similar. The basic difference is that the prolong mat has 4 bights on each side instead of the three featured on the Ocean plait mat.

prolong rope mat

3 pass version of the Prolong mat.

The name “Prolonged mat” as stated by Clifford W. Ashley is called such because it can be prolonged (I love how naming things can be simple and efficient).

Because of the difference in the bights in the Ocean plait mat (3 side bights) and the Prolonged mat (4 side bights), it is possible to tie a variety of different lengths of mats.

You can enlarge or “prolong” either mat to a larger version.

2 pass Prolong mat

2 pass Prolong mat.

So, in this tutorial I will demonstrate the basic form with the 4 side bights. For those interested, I will mention the point where lengthening the mat should be done.

So, onwards to the task at hand!

Prolong mat tutorial

To tie a 3 pass version of the mat I used about 13 feet of paracord 550. This was enough for a comfortable tie.

We start by folding the cord in half, then begin tying the mat:

prolong-mat-tutorial (1 of 11)

Make a loop.

prolong-mat-tutorial (2 of 11)

Place your working cord over the loop, creating another loop on top of the previous one.

prolong-mat-tutorial (3 of 11)

Slide the working end under the standing end.

prolong-mat-tutorial (4 of 11)

Weave your working end over-under-over-under to the bottom right side.

prolong-mat-tutorial (5 of 11)

Pull on the loops to extend them.

prolong-mat-tutorial (6 of 11)

Twist both loops towards the right side.

prolong-mat-tutorial (7 of 11)

Place the right loop over the left.

prolong-mat-tutorial (8 of 11)

Weave your left cord under-over two-under.

prolong-mat-tutorial (9 of 11)

Weave the right cord over-under-over-under-over to the bottom left.

At this point we have achieved a 4 bight side, so all there is left to do is to make the bottom bight.

If you want to lengthen (prolong!) the knot, you would now pull some cord into the bottom two loops, twist them, place one over the other and finally weave the cords through. Just like we did to get to this point.

To finish the mat, simply form the bottom bight:

prolong-mat-tutorial (10 of 11)

Follow the bottom left cord with the bottom right cord.

prolong-mat-tutorial (11 of 11)

Follow the bottom right cord with your bottom left cord.

Keep following the cords until you work in enough cord to get the number of passes you want into the knot.

So guys, I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. These kinds of mats are really fun to make and very practical as well.

Till next time, I wish you well,


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