spool knit paracord bracelet

Spool knit paracord bracelet

Time to make things using our spool knitting skills!

I have published an article on how to spool knit a few days ago. With those you are able to spool knit easily. But it is time to use it in a project! Only then can you see how the technique looks in practice.

In this short tutorial I will show you how I made a spool knit paracord bracelet. It is not only a very attractive bracelet, but also quick deploy, so you can unravel it in seconds if the need arises! The bracelet has a sort of thin, square look that is worth experimenting with.

knitted paracord bracelet


Materials used

To make the bracelet I used:

How to make a spool knit paracord bracelet

To make this bracelet I used the two peg (pin) spool knitting technique. I first made the spool knit section, then removed it from the spool and finished the top by placing the end through the loop. This made a solid piece with two ends. I made a celtic button knot on one end, while the other end was finished using a simple technique I show below to form a loop. The result is a cleanly made spool knit paracord bracelet.

Now for some images, so you are able to see exactly what I did:

spool knit paracord bracelet instructions



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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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