one two three gaucho knot

One two three Grafton variation of the gaucho knot

This time we take a look at an interesting gaucho knot variation.

You probably noticed that the “One two three Grafton variation of the gaucho knot” is quite the long name. It says quite a bit on the knot. The “One two three” part refers to the structure of the knot. On the sides the sequence starts with an over/under one. Then the sequence continues with an over/under two. Finally, the middle of the knot has an over/under three sequence.


The “Grafton” part refers to the location where the knot originates from. Grafton, New South Wales that is.

Finally, the “variation of the gaucho knot” part of the name implies that the knot has a similar look to a gaucho knot.

This knot can be found in Round knots, a book by Ron Edwards.

The knot tighten around a wooden sphere.

The knot tightened around a wooden sphere.

I have prepared a video tutorial on the knot. It is tied fairly intuitively, so I would not consider the knot to be particularly hard to tie.

So, let’s tie one!

The supplies

I used the following to tie the knot:

  • 1 piece of gutted paracord (9.5 feet). I flattened it to make it lay nicely
  • a mandrel. I used a 2 inch PVC pipe to tie the knot on. A smaller mandrel can be used, which also reduces the amount of cord needed
  • a lacing needle.


The tutorial

The knot is not tied using an interweave, but with the use of the so called “running method”. See the full tutorial below!

Happy tying!

About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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  1. Nice video. I make key fobs and dog leashes with an 8 strand round braid. Terminal knot at end with a turks head finishing it. Lots of different colors.

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