turks head terminal knot

How to tie the turk’s head terminal knot

Let’s see how to use this knot to finish a braid!

Finishing braids is quite a task. There are a few ways you can go about it, such as splicing or using terminal knots. I find the turk’s head terminal to be both enjoyable to tie, as well as an effective stopper knot.

The turk’s head terminal knot is featured in Bruce Grant’s Encyclopedia of rawhide and leather braiding in plate 38.

Turk's head knot terminal


The tutorial

We start by spacing out the cords (as seen in the images below). Then tie a crown knot using the cords. We then take a cord, loosen up the crown knot by pulling the cord next to the cord we are working with, then inserting the working cord through to the middle, under the loosened cord and the cord and the cord it was holding. We then re-tighten the crown knot. We do this with all cords in the braid.

I think the images and especially the video below will help you much more than words, so let’s get to it!turks head terminal knot tutorial

I think the video will be the most helpful with tying this knot:

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