crown knot

How to tie the crown knot

In this short tutorial I demonstrate how the crown knot is tied.

The crown knot is classified in the Ashley book of knots under knob/terminal knots (under the number 670). It is used to repair frayed rope and is a key component in more intricate knots and tying techniques. This knot is easy to learn and it is good to knot the difference between a crown and a wall knot. In short, the wall knot is tied down a rope, while the crown knot is tied above, at the end of a rope.

The difference in making the knots is also a bit subtle and confusing them might be possible. The crown knot is tied by passing your working cord over the next cord, while the wall knot is made by passing your working cord under your next working cord. I highly recommend you take a look at both processes and see the difference.

The crown knot can be tied with any number of cords. Using different colors and repeating the knot in order will create a nice looking design appropriate for key chains, lanyards and other projects. Unlike the Matthew Walker knot though, the knot itself will unravel unless secured with a sturdier, stopper knot.

how to tie a crown knot

Video tutorial on the knot is also available:


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  1. Thanks for the video, clear and concise. You made it easy

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