strangle knot

Strangle knot

In this quick tutorial I demonstrate how to tie the Strangle knot.
The strangle knot is in effect a stopping and is often used as a semi permanent way of securing rope. But for us, it is also a valuable tool that we can use to secure our cords for plaiting. By lining up our cords around a handle and then securing them with the strangle knot, we can easily continue with plaiting.

This knot is also demonstrated in the Ashley book of knots under number 3440.

It is a really easy knot to tie, so let’s jump right into a tutorial!

Strangle knot.

Strangle knot.


All you need is a single cord and something to tie it on (In my case a PVC pipe).


Start by wrapping the cord around.


With the right cord go under the wraps and to the left.


With the left cord go under the wraps and to the right.

Then tighten the knot by pulling on both ends firmly.

Knot done!

See a short video demonstration as well:


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  1. Very basic and useful thanks

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