star triaxial

Star triaxial

In this tutorial I demonstrate the star triaxial, a variation of the triaxial weave.

The star triaxial may seem complicated to do and to an extent that is the case. Trying to reproduce it from a finished piece is quite a task.

Thankfully Raquel Perez Zbornik posted a handy tutorial which enabled me to make a video tutorial that should be easy to follow.

star triaxial

This technique is great for covering various handles and can wrap around fairly wide objects as well, provided you have the time to do it.


With this said, let’s move on to the supplies needed and the tutorial itself.

The supplies

Prepare the following items:

  • 3 longer cords used to wrap around the entire length of the object. These should be gutted (inner strands removed). Use 1 darker cord and 2 lighter ones
  • a number of shorter cords- these cords are a little longer than the wrap you are trying to make. Use 1 darker cord per 2 lighter ones
  • a lacing needle
  • a mandrel to tie the wrap onto. You may want to switch to a slightly narrower mandrel if the wrap becomes too difficult to work with
  • a couple of rubber bands to hold the cords are useful.

With these supplies ready, let’s start the wrap!


The tutorial

The main trick that makes this technique easier is to do this wrap loosely at the start.

We start by wrapping around our mandrel with the 3 longer cords (in my case 1 black, 2 white). After the wrapping is done, hold the ends of the three cords and reverse the wrap, working in some slack in between your wrap and the item you are wrapping (this tip is from Raquel Perez Zbornik and it works wonders!).

Then the shorter cords are used to weave through the first wrap.

See the entire weaving process in the video:

I hope this wrapping style helps you make some beautiful items!

About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


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