ripcord paracord bracelet

Ripcord paracord bracelet

Today we take a look at another paracord bracelet with a quick release mechanism.

Bracelets made with various slip knots have been known as a good basis for making quick release paracord bracelets. Today’s example is made as a modification of a tutorial put out by the one and only J.D.Lenzen. He put out his tutorial on the Ripcord bracelet a while ago, but I did two slight modifications that I like.

As a fan of survival gear I tend to have a few rules when it comes to making survival items. One of the important parts is making it out of a single cord that you can release quickly. I stand by this rule firmly, especially since many people advertise bracelets as survival bracelets, even though they are hard to use.

For those not familiar with it, quick release bracelets are the ones that can be unraveled quickly for use.

I like this bracelet because it is fairly wide, stores an ample amount of paracord and is fairly easy to make.


A two color version of the bracelet.


Another look at the single color version.

Now to the tutorial!

Bracelet characteristics:

  • Difficulty: medium
  • Cord storage: medium
  • Child friendly: no


You basically only need the following three items for making this bracelet:

How to make the Ripcord paracord bracelet

The bracelet is made by first setting up a loop and then exchanging the slip knots by placing the knot through the loop of the previous knot. Tightening correctly plays a fairly big role in making this bracelet.

I finished the bracelet using the lanyard knot, which is perfect for finishing bracelets when you have two cords remaining at the end.

ripcord paracord bracelet tutorial
If you still need help tying it, see the original video by J.D.Lenzen:

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