riingbolt hitching using the half hitch

Ringbolt hitching using the half hitch

In this brief tutorial I demonstrate the half hitch and how to apply it to rings.

As with the previous tutorial on ringbolt hitching, the purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to cover rings using paracord and other types of rope. This technique has many applications, myself, I like to decorate rings and buckles for belts.

The half hitching used in this tutorial is probably the simplest form of ringbolt hitching. Simple does not mean worse though, since I do like the end result.

half hitch projects

A few projects made with the half hitches. A steel ring, a paracord pendant and a belt buckle, all covered with paracord.

Belt buckles can also be covered quite nicely, a few images of the buckle I covered using 550 paracord can be seen below. Smaller cords can also work quite nicely.




So, let’s see how to use the half hitch to cover various objects!

The tutorial

As previously mentioned, this technique is easy. Below I demonstrate how to hitch to the right side (clockwise).

Note that the working cord goes behind the ring.


If you wanted to hitch to left of the ring (counterclockwise), simply reverse directions.

Note that the working cord goes in front of the ring.
ringbolt-hitching-half-hitch (1 of 2)

ringbolt-hitching-half-hitch (2 of 2)

I also made a video that may prove useful:

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