paracord handle wrap

Paracord wrap using modified grafting

In this tutorial I demonstrate another paracord handle wrap. I have posted quite a few handle wraps so far (found mostly in the paracord projects section). One I really like is a modified grafting technique. I have posted on grafting before (the tutorial can be found here), but there really is so much more to explore, I had to make at least one more article on grafting. You can make various color combinations, as well as sequences with it and really experiment.

paracord wrap

A quick look at the wrap

Two more images of the grafting:


As far as sequences go, this grafting style is done with odd number of gutted cords (inner strands removed). Just like in grafting, a working cord is woven through the cords, around and around the core. The sequence though is under two-over two this time (U2-O2). This gives the wrap a distinct spiral look, which really stands out. To make this wrap look good, you need to tighten it properly. This is done by pushing up the working cord.

The way this style of wrap is made is demonstrated in the video below. Pay special attention to tightening!

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