paracord pool pedis

Paracord pool pedis- barefoot sandals

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to make barefoot sandals out of paracord.

This project was inspired by the work of Pam Soldoff. She has dubbed these barefoot sandals as “pool pedis”.

In my opinion these are an excellent decorative item for the ladies. Not sure if men can pull these off :).

Naturally, these work great on the beach and around the pool.


There are a ton of variations of these that you can attempt. This version is one that I whipped up and it works well. It uses fairly standard paracord knots.

You can easily play around with the design and add your favorite knots, colors, beads, charms and more. Consider this tutorial a solid base from which to build from!


So, lets get to it!


First let’s cover the few items needed to make the pool pedis.

  • paracord. I used micro cord, but you can easily use type 1 paracord or 550 paracord as well. You are going to need 2 pieces. One is going to be shorter (in my case 4 feet long) and one will be longer (6 feet in my case). The length of your 2 cords really depends on the foot wearing the pedis.
  • beads! Beads are optional, but they do spice things up. I am using wooden beads in my case. The holes in the beads should accommodate 2 strands of your cord.
  • scissors and a lighter are a staple in paracord work. These are used for cutting and melting your cords.

Now, let’s jump right into the tutorial!

Making the pedis

Below you will find both a photo tutorial and a video one. No excuses, you read up to this point so you are already invested!

Take the short cord out of the two (4 feet in my case).

Fold your cord in half.


Take the longer of the two cords (6 feet in my case), fold it in half and place it under the first cord.


Cross the two ends of the long cord with the right end on top.


Take the right end feed through the opening, tying a half knot.


Tighten up and adjust the size of the loop. This loop will go onto the middle finger on the foot, so it should be of a suitable size.


Attach a bead onto the two ends of the short cord. We are now going to start a series of square knots.

Step 1


Take your left end. Pass it under the two middle cords and over the right one.


Take the right end, pass it over the top and into the loop on the left. Tighten up.

Step 2


Take the right end, pass it under the two middle cords and over the left end.


Take the left end, pass over the top and into the loop on the right. Tighten up.


At this point this is what you have. Continue with step 1. Then step 2. And so on, alternating the two steps.


This produces a length of square knots.


Split the ends into two pairs and attach a bead onto each pair.


We will now line up a couple of snake knots to hold the beads in place. Make a loop with the left end.


Take the right end and pass it through the loop, top down.


With the right end pass behind the left end.


Then with the same end pass into the loop on the right. Tighten up. And that is one snake knot.


Line up a few of these knots. I use 3. You can use more or less, as you wish.


After the snake knots, we begin twisting the two ends together. Twist the left end to the left.


Pass the left end over the right end.


Twist the new left end to the left.


And pass it over the right end.


Twist a short length.


And then add a few more snake knots for a decorative effect.


And add some more twisting.


To finish the twisting tie a stopper knot. Make a loop.


Feed the 2 ends through the loop.


And tighten up. We have now completed one side.


Make the other side as well. Now all we need to do is connect the two ends.


Cross the two ends, with the left end over the right.


Wrap the right end around the left one, creating a loop.


Feed the end through the loop and tighten up.


One end is now done. Now the other one.


Wrap the left end around the right one, creating a loop.


Feed the end through the loop. Tighten up.


We now have an adjustable, sliding pool pedi.


Trim the two ends. Project done!

A video tutorial is also available:

Enjoy your new barefoot sandals! Paracord style.

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