ocean plait mat

Ocean plait mat

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to make the Ocean plait mat.

The ocean plait mat is probably the most commonly tied rope mat. The basic form has three bights to each side and one bight at each end. This basically makes it look fairly rectangular.

2 pass ocean plait mat

2 pass ocean plait mat.

The process of tying this knot is demonstrated in a variety of books such as The Ashley book of knots under number 2243. It is also featured in The ultimate book of decorative knots by Lindsey Philpott.


3 pass ocean plait mat.

In this tutorial I demonstrate the basic form with three bights to each side, but this does not mean this is the only ocean plait mat design out there. In fact you can enlarge this knot!

Each enlargement will add three more bights.

With that said, let’s jump into the tutorial!

Ocean plait mat tutorial

For this project you will need to first pick your rope. I used paracord 550, which produces a nice, small decorative mat. For a 3 pass version I used up about 7 feet of cord.

We will start with an overhand knot:

ocean-plait-mat-tutorial (1 of 11)

Start by making a loop.

ocean-plait-mat-tutorial (2 of 11)

Pull the left cord through the loop.

ocean-plait-mat-tutorial (3 of 11)

Overhand knot complete.

ocean-plait-mat-tutorial (4 of 11)

The next step is to pull out the bottom loops.

ocean-plait-mat-tutorial (5 of 11)

Twist the left loop to the left.

ocean-plait-mat-tutorial (6 of 11)

Do the same with the right loop.

ocean-plait-mat-tutorial (7 of 11)

Now place the left loop over the right loop.

ocean-plait-mat-tutorial (8 of 11)

Take your top left working end and weave it over one-under two-over one to the bottom right.

ocean-plait-mat-tutorial (9 of 11)

Now weave the top right working end towards the bottom left. Go under-over-under-over-under.

At this point you could work in more cord into the bottom two loops and enlarge it further.

We will finish the mat though, which is done by taking your ends and follow the opposite end:

ocean-plait-mat-tutorial (10 of 11)

With the bottom right end follow the bottom left end through the knot. This will double up the knot.

ocean-plait-mat-tutorial (11 of 11)

Work in the left end the same way. You can easily double, tripple your mat using this simple technique.

With this our tutorial is complete. If you have any issues tying this knot, also see the video tutorial below!

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