pacifier paracord bracelet

Mini pacifier paracord bracelet

A fun little project to try is making a paracord bracelet using mini pacifiers.

I remember loving plastic mini pacifiers as a child. I collected them and never had enough. Probably you did not see that one coming, for you know me as a guy who fights bears for fun, but yes, at some point I collected mini pacifiers. It was a simple time, when gender roles did not affect me yet and I enjoyed life to the fullest.

I found a few lying around and thought they would make nice beads for a bracelet.

dangling paracord bracelet

The bracelet dangles off your hand loosely.

Enough of me rambling, I want to tell you how I made this!

What I used

To make the bracelet I used:

With those supplies at hand, let’s get to crafting!

small pacifier paracord bracelet

Another look at the pacifier bracelet.

A quick tutorial

I like to keep it simple. This bracelet reflects that. I started by taking a piece of paracord and made a celtic button knot. With that tied I inserted the first pacifier and made a small prayer bead knot to separate the pacifiers and kept repeating the process of adding knots and pacifiers.

This is how I make the small cord knots between the pacifiers:

paracord bead

After I used up the pacifiers and the cord, I finished the bracelet using a slip knot, which is made like this:

slip knot tutorial

There! I think this is all you need to make this bracelet. It is a fun and fast project that brings me back to my whippersnapper days. Enjoy your bracelet!


About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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