paracord knife wrap

How to make a paracord knife wrap

I finally found a knife wrap that I really like.

Outside of the turks head knot variants, there are few techniques that I find appropriate for making paracord knife wraps. I was thrilled to find an image of a knife wrap that David Hopper made. It was a recreation of an old sword wrapping technique that Peter Dekker recreated.

Although I found it a bit unusual, I gave it a shot and the result is a beautiful wrap that I am quite proud of. The wrap was made onto my machete, which is technically a knife, although a fairly large one- that is why the handle is quite large.

Below you can find a quick tutorial on how I got around to making one of these wraps.

top view

Top view of the handle.


Another look at the paracord handle wrap.

What you will need

  • paracord 550
  • some duct tape
  • scissors
  • a lighter
  • optionally, if you want to wax the wrap for extra friction and protection, some natural beeswax

The paracord knife wrap tutorial

To make this wrap we will first make two loops, one on each side of the hilt/handle. The bight of the loop is where you want the wrap to end, while the

top, where the cord crosses itself is where the wrap will begin (see the images below for a clear picture).

After that we will begin by placing one cord over to the other side, so one cord is on each side. I found that it is better to have the blade facing away from you when wrapping. It makes it easier.

After you have one cord on each side, the sequence is the following:

  1. place the left wrap under the two cords forming the loop
  2. place the right cord over one cord forming the loop, under the left cord and over the other cord in the loop
  3. tighten and turn the knife
  4. repeat again from step 1

Not that hard right? Basically you just place the left cord under the middle loop cords and the right goes over the middle cords and under the left one.

I found that it is best to tighten the wrap as you go.

To end the wrap, you can tuck the ends back into the wrap or use any other technique that you like to use to finish wraps.

I highly recommend rubbing or melting some wax onto the wrap to get a nice grip with more friction (read more about waxing paracord here). You may also want to consider shrinking the wrap to make it tighter.

how to make a paracord knife wrap


About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


  1. I would like to use this wrap on a walking stick is there a video available to show how to make it looks like a great wrap.

  2. Your wrap is perfect! I’ve been trying on my own and not having too much success . Yours picture and step by step is a great help. So Thank you. Also I noticed that you’re going to make a video for a walking stick? Man I can’t wait for that one. Again Thank you!

  3. Awesome ideas!

  4. Hello, I like the idea of this wrap! But, I have a bit of a challenge for you… But first, some background on me. I completed 12.5 years in the US Military (Navy and Army), and now I run my own custom made paracord wraps, braids, etc. business, called Kustom Cords… The challenge that I have been faced with, is that I have a bare blade (knife blade with a full length tang without a handle). It’s a standard issue K-bar, that I would like to make a handle for, made entirely out of 550 cord… How would you attack this project?

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