paracord candy cane

How to make a paracord candy cane

Making paracord candy canes is a family friendly way of decorating your home. Indeed, besides the paracord Christmas tree, candy canes will be the decorations of choice for my home this year.

In this tutorial I will show two simple ways of making paracord candy canes. With a quick practice go you will be ready to do this with your kids in no time.

I decided to use two simple styles that have been around for a while. One is the spiral candy cane, which is made by lining up cobra knots on one side, which spirals the cane. The second design is the same one we use to make solomon bar bracelets. Both techniques are easy, quick to pick up and fast, since decorating does take a bit of time, so you will want to be as efficient as possible.

Two candy canes cross paths.

Two candy canes cross paths.

 Supplies used

To make the paracord candy canes you will need the following:

  • paracord in two different colors
  • a piece of wire
  • nose pliers or some tool to bend the wire with
  • a lighter
  • scissors

Paracord candy cane tutorial

We set up both candy canes the same way. Cut a piece of wire the size you want and bend it into candy cane shape. This wire will hold the shape of the cane.

Gut (remove the inners strands of) a small piece of paracord. Insert the wire fully through the gutted cord, melt the ends and squeeze them with pliers so the ends are shut.

At that point we start knotting. Both techniques for making the candy canes are displayed below. Just follow the images and you should be able to make the candy canes in no time.

The spiral candy cane


Note that the spiral candy cane is made by lining up cobra knots on one side, meaning we always start on the left, we only alternate colors.


And the video tutorial:

Solomon bar paracord candy cane


With the solomon bar version, we alternate the sides where we make the knot, but we always use the same color to start.


And the video tutorial on the cobra knot version of the candy cane:

There we go! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will enjoy a wonderful winter season!

About Markwell

I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.


  1. Question about the Candy canes is there any specific kind of wire that I need in order to make a candy cane?

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