grafting a paracord handle wrap

Grafting the easy way

In this tutorial I will show you how you a modified technique of grafting that you can use to make a paracord handle wrap, as well as various other wraps.

Grafting is quite a time consuming task when done the classic way. It produces a nice looking wrap for sure, but it takes time.

This is why I use a simplified technique, which I demonstrate below. The technique is very much the same that is used in leather braiding to create split leather handle coverings. The process of making those is described in Bruce Grant’s book, the Encyclopedia of rawhide and leather braiding.

I can imagine this technique coming in handy when creating handles for whips, for knives and even for wrapping bottles.

grafted paracord handle wrap

The technique used on a handle of a flogger.

Let’s see how this wrap is made.


As far as supplies go, you really do not need much:

  • paracord, I use my paracord gutted, meaning I remove the inner strands, so the cord lays flatter. I recommend using two different colors
  • something to wrap (I am demonstrating on a dowel rod)
  • optionally a couple of rubber bands to hold the cords and a lacing needle to help you work (you can make your own as well). Neither is required, but may be handy.

The tutorial

We start by cutting an odd number (5,7,9 etc.) of strands that we will secure onto the object we are wrapping. These are lined up one next to the other until they cover the entire circumference of the object. We place them vertically and secure the top and bottom using rubber bands or with a knot, I recommend the constrictor knot. See the image below.

The cords lined up and secured.

The cords lined up and secured.

grafting-paracord-handle-wrap (2 of 9)

We now introduce a longer working cord (with a lacing needle attached if you have one). This one is secured at the top, I use the constrictor knot for this purpose.

grafting-paracord-handle-wrap (3 of 9)

We now start an under-over sequence around and around.

grafting-paracord-handle-wrap (4 of 9)

The sequence is always under-over.

grafting-paracord-handle-wrap (6 of 9)

A spiral will begin to form. Note that because we are using an odd number of cords, that our previous pass over the same cord went under, in the next we go over and so on.

grafting-paracord-handle-wrap (7 of 9)

Once you reach the bottom, a loose grafting is ready to be tightened up.

grafting-paracord-handle-wrap (8 of 9)

The trick here is to push up the working cord (pink in my case). We do this by pulling on the vertical cords, which in turn push up the working cord.

grafting-paracord-handle-wrap (9 of 9)

When you are happy with the look of you grafting, you may stop tightening. The more you push the working cord up, the tighter and more even it will look.

In conclusion

Thank you for joining me in this tutorial, I hope you will use it to create beautiful items you can be proud of!

A video on making this style of wrapping is also available here:


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