how to finger knit

How to finger knit

In this article I will show you how to finger knit using paracord.

Sometimes, when I am done with finger painting, I like to mix it up with some finger knitting.

Jokes aside, finger knitting is an interesting concept that is used because of the benefits it offers:

  • requires no tools (can be done anywhere)
  • easy to do
  • child friendly
  • produces beautiful results
finger knitting

An example of finger knitting using two fingers. This technique produces the same result as two peg spool knitting.

First time I took a look at finger knitting I immediately found a correlation to spool knitting. Indeed, it is quite amusing to see that you can get a similar result without any tools by using your fingers to knit. There is more to finger knitting though and I will show you how to go about it in the following segment.
I used standard 550 paracord to knit here.

finger knitting paracord

Traditionally though, finger knitting is used to make wider knits and is geared at adults, as well as kids. It is quite appropriate for kids because it is easy, requires no sharp tools and is something that teaches kids how to make something useful. You can see how to finger knit live in the video below:

There are quite a few books on finger knitting available if you want to expand your knowledge on the subject as well.

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