cross knot paracord bracelet

Cross knot paracord bracelet

Quite an interesting and easy to make bracelet, the cross knot paracord bracelet is worth making.

I decided to make one of these bracelets because I had a beautiful color of purple available which I was aching to try out. I never tied the cross knot bracelet before, but I already used the knot in a paracord cross (which is a very popular design) as well as in making paracord zipper pulls.

I find the bracelet made with the cross knot to be appropriate for those that prefer thinner bracelets. The bracelet is made out of a single piece of cord.



All that you really need are the following:

How to make a cross knot paracord bracelet

The bracelet is made by simply lining up a series of knots one after another. We leave a bit of room at the start for the loop and we finish the bracelet using the lanyard knot. You can choose to trim the ends of the cord after the lanyard knot or leave it for a different look.

I find this bracelet a good practice in tightening up knots, since you need to have them looking uniform and close to each other.  It may take a bit of practice, but generally, this is a very easy bracelet to make and very clean as well.

cross knot paracord bracelet tutorial

The video on the bracelet:

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