Common whipping

In this tutorial I demonstrate the Common whipping.

Despite the name, this whipping has little to do with whips. Whippings are primarily used on an end of a rope to prevent it from fraying/coming apart. Handily enough, the whippings can be used to secure items together and also to make quick and practical wraps.


Indeed, for someone working with rope, especially if doing survival and practical rope work, the whippings are almost a must know.

This technique is listed in the ABoK as #3442 and it is one of the most widely used and basic whippings.

So, grab a mandrel, rubber band and some cord and let’s try it ourselves!


The tutorial


Secure your cord onto the mandrel and fold it into a bight.


With your working end wrap around the bight a number of times to cover it.


After a number of wraps we finish the whipping.


Place the working end into the loop.


Pull on the left (standing) end and pull the working end into the center of the whipping.


The working end has now been pulled to the middle.


Now pull on both ends in order to secure the whipping.


Once both ends are secured tightly, your whipping is complete.

I hope this was easy enough to follow. I have also made a video tutorial to accompany this photo tutorial:

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