chainmail bracelet

Chainmail paracord bracelet

In this showcase we take a look at the chainmail paracord bracelet. Made by David F. Mack.

In a conversation with David F. Mack I was lucky to receive a few really nice images of a project he did recently. It was a chainmail paracord bracelet!

I have seen images of these before, but in all honesty, I have dismissed them, for they were done with a lot less detail than what David came up with!
He can be reached at [email protected] for any questions. You can even order one from him!

Let’s see how this bracelet was done!



The standard supplies of Paracord 550, a lighter and scissors apply.

Besides that, two items are needed:

The process

First of all we make a conquistador paracord bracelet. This is the basis onto which we thread the aluminum rings, one by one.

I must say that this project has motivated me enough to want to try it myself! Maybe I can even sell them at a medieval fair :)!

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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