braided paracord dog leash herringbone style

Braided paracord dog leash- herringbone style

This time I demonstrate a paracord dog leash, decorated with herringbone knots.

Lately I have been using a lot of multi strand knots to decorate leashes with. The one I really like is a simple braided leash that I decorated with herringbone knots.


I have in the past covered how to make a braided leash and this is a similar design.

So, I’d like to guide you through making one of these leashes.

Items needed

To make this sort of leashes you will need few supplies. The listed cord lengths are for a 3 foot leash. Longer cords will be needed for a longer leash.


Making the leash

This time I created a video tutorial. But i’d like to also describe the making process.

We start by feeding the two longer cords through the snap hook. We make sure that all four of the ends are of equal length, then tie a multi strand Matthew Walker knot. After tying the knot, we continue with a 4 strand round braid and braid until we have about 2 feet remaining in our ends.

We then fold a small part of the braid into itself and splice our ends into the braid. Each of the ends follows one of the cords in the braid. This creates the leash handle.

Then we tie a multi strand herringbone knot over this spliced end.

Finally, we also tie a small multi strand herringbone knot right next to our Matthew Walker knot.

A full tutorial on this leash is available here:

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I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord.

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