3 pass pineapple knot- type 1

This time we take a look at the 3 color type 1 pineapple knot.
I have in the past covered how to distinguish the various pineapple knot types. I have since covered quite a few pineapple knots in knot tutorials. But one important one that slipped through the net is the 3 pass version of the regular, type 1 knot.

So, time to add this one to the collection!


The base knot for this one is the good ol’ 5L4B turk’s head. The 5L4B knot is interwoven by first tying a 2 pass type 1 pineapple knot, then adding another pass for the 3 pass version. This allows you to create a 3 color knot, which is very handy.

Various country flags can be represented with a 3 color knot.

Various country flags can be represented with a 3 color knot.

But it is best to actually see the tying process, so let’s see how it is tied in the tutorial below.


Before you start tying the knot, get the following few supplies:

  • paracord 550. You will need 3 cords (~ 3 feet per cord), preferably in different colors
  • a mandrel to tie the knot onto (I used one 1.6 inches wide). I use a simple PVC pipe for this purpose
  • lacing needle. You can make your own.

The tutorial

The first thing I do is remove the inner strands out of the paracord. I flatten it out to make the knot lay nicely. This is not absolutely a must, but I prefer it.

The process for tying the knot is:

  1. tie the base knot- the 5L4B turk’s head
  2. tie the 2 pass type 1 pineapple knot
  3. tie the 3 pass type 1 pineapple knot.

All of the steps are covered in the video tutorial:

Happy tying!

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